When it rains, it pours.

I’m not sure why, but without fail, every single time one person calls me for computer help, about 5 more people call me for help as well. I fix them and then… dead silence. Not a peep for as much as a month. And then another group of repair jobs hit.

So weird. It’s as if the computers all malfunction in some sort of ethereal cycle. Or maybe it’s the lunar tides. Yeah.

On a side note, I have decided to stop eating out at restaurants and fast food joints for lunch when I’m at work.
From now on, I am only going to eat sandwiches and other cheap foods.

Like today, I’m going to eat Uncle Ben’s chicken broccoli fettuccine alfredo. It’s one of those frozen bowls that sells for like $2.50 at wal-mart. Simply thaw and enjoy. Significantly healthier than a burger and french fries.

Tinted windows

After years of having different black cars and practically searing my fingerprints off every time I grabbed the steering wheel, I finally broke down and did it.

Yup. I got my windows tinted. It was surprisingly easy. The company even came and picked up the car while I was at work and then returned it 2 hours later, completely finished.

Supposedly, you’re not allowed to tint your front windows more than 35%, but they tinted mine at 20%. Stay tuned to find out if I end up getting a ticket. That would stink.

I snapped a couple of pictures. Check them out on my photo blog.


Ok well there’s some kind of “tagging” craze going around and it seems that I have been “tagged” by at least two people (you know who you are). So… Here goes.

Post five things you enjoy that lower your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level:
1) Hanging out with my friends
2) Watching movies
3) Eating food
4) Messing around on the computer
5) Doing all four things at the same time (haha)

Are you happy now?

Fuzzy the camel

More random pics taken while I was on break up at the office (click photos to view large versions):

“Fuzzy”, the camel checks out the paper cutter.

“Fuzzy” feels adventuresome.

Crocodile jumps at the opportunity.

“Hey! Ow! Hey that hurts! Stop it!”

This moment is brought to you by Tommy.

Digital Camera

Ok so I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. I got a Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 (Approximately $250 retail). ‘Cept I bought it off of ebay for $142 (plus $15 shipping). The camera showed up on my doorstep literally two days after I placed the winning bid. The camera came new in it’s original box, complete with all accessories such as batteries and cables. I’m impressed!

Without further ado, I present a sample image that I just snapped:

Click to view small version

Click to view big version