Gas Prices

Last night around 9:30 PM I was informed that the gas prices were supposed to skyrocket in the next couple of days.

Incidentally, the fuel light had just flickered empty on my dashboard.

On the way home, I stopped at the local Wal-Mart gas station and asked the attendant if said rumors were true.

The elderly woman proceeded to show me her confidential sheet of paper with orders to change the gas prices from $2.60 up to $2.81 at precisely 11:15 PM, less than two hours away.

So I filled up my gas tank, happy with myself for saving myself a grand total of $2.50 merely by being two hours earlier than the rest of the clueless public.

After that, I called all my friends and informed them of the plight that was about to befall them.

They thanked me.

Long Day. Sleepless Nights.

I don’t know what it is, but I seem utterly incapable of getting a good night’s rest lately. No matter what I do, I can’t get comfortable. I just toss and turn all night.

I have narrowed the problem down to my pillow. However, I have tried at least 10 different types of pillows to no avail. I’ve tried everything from those tempur-pedic pillows (space age foam) to a $100 down feather pillow with a tempur-pedic core. I even went to wal-mart and bought 4 different pillows (one of each type). Not one of them felt right so I took them all back. So after all that trouble I’m still using the exact same pillow that I’ve been sleeping with for the past year.

My neck muscles are in knots.

New Couches and DSB’s Lake Texoma Picnic

Ok so I haven’t really posted anything in a while, but here goes.

I finally got my apartment in order again after getting new carpet, new tile, and new couches. I literally had to take an entire day off work so that they could change the carpet. All the furniture had to be shifted from the living room to the bedroom and back and forth entirely by myself *while* they were doing their thing. Needless to say, it was crazy.

But at any rate, all the dust is settled now, and I’ve got some before and after pictures up on my photo blog. Click here and scroll down to check them out.

DSBWorldWide (the company I work at) always has a yearly picnic at Lake Texoma, which took place on the 12th of this month. They did some bartering with a local marina and managed to get a jet ski for a couple of hours (which was a lot of fun). I think we managed to flip it like twice. haha! That thing could fly.

The best part: I somehow managed to *not* get sunburned this year! SPF 45 sunscreen really works!

Couches, carpet, xboxes

This weekend was spent completely re-organizing my apartment. I got rid of an old desk, my broken kitchen table, and who knows how much other junk I didn’t need. It must have been like two whole pickup truck-loads! Then I bought two shelving units from wal-mart and crammed them into my closet along with the other shelving unit I already had. Now everything is all organized all nice and neat and is easy to get to. All right!

But anyways. Ok. So I finally broke down and ordered some real furniture for my living room. For the past couple of years I’ve just been using junk furniture that I paid less than $100 for (or that was given to me for free).

I went to some of the furniture stores around here this past weekend and managed save myself 8% off due to the whole tax free weekend thing here in Texas (and I got 0% interest on a 12 month financing plan, too, which was nice). Oh yeah! And I talked the salesperson into free delivery too!

So I’m the proud owner of two dark (almost black) chocolate leather *extremely* comfortable reclining couches. Well. Actually, only one of them is a “sofa” by definition and the other one is a “love seat” because it only seats two. And they won’t even arrive on the delivery truck for probably a week or so.
Click here to see a picture of a couch similar to mine.

I have also been haggling with the manager at my apartment complex for the past two weeks and I have persuaded them to practically renovate my entire apartment for free (as well as replacing the the refrigerator and fixing the sink faucet in my kitchen). They’re going to give me brand new carpet in the living room and bedroom tomorrow, and they’re also going to put new tile on my kitchen and bathroom floors. The hard part is going to be figuring out how to install carpet with all my furniture in there. Ugh. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

I will try to post before and after photos of my apartment as soon as everything is set up.

On a side note, my xbox auction never completed. Ebay didn’t like the fact that I was selling a “modded” xbox because it could theoretically be used to “circumvent copyright protection”. So they ended the auction on the fourth day (it was a 5 day auction).
So I re-listed it with a few less details (so as not to be so suspicious), but this time I only did a 3 day auction. Hah! We’ll see what happens now. It’s only been listed for less than a day now and it’s already up to $220! Pretty good, considering that I picked it up at a pawn shop for only $89. (Of course, that was before I fixed it all up). It’s gone up in value significantly since then. People like surfing the web from their couch. hah!