Getting in shape

Lately, I’ve been slowly coming to the realization that my metabolism is slowing down. Yes, apparently all of those endless days spent sitting in front of a computer screen are finally catching up to me. I can literally watch as all those burgers and fries are starting to accumulate on my waist.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. You heard me. Skinny boy is getting chubby on the edges. My pants no longer fit me correctly, and the six pack is long gone.

Therefore, I have undertaken a new hobby: Getting back into shape.

Keep in mind now, this is no easy task. However, I have been preparing myself mentally for this moment for a long time and I know exactly what I have to do to attain my goal. Lack of fitness knowledge isn’t the problem as much as my inherit tendencies towards an unhealthy lifestyle are.

traineoThe treadmill in the workout room at my apartment complex is starting to get used to my old tennis shoes. Yesterday I walked 2 miles. Today it was 5 miles!

Here’s one of the tools I’m going to be using to attain my goal: Traineo

If you want to watch my progess, check out my traineo page!

And now, for Thomas Chapin’s fitness tip of the week!

Two words: Green Beans.
Yeah, you heard me! Green Beans. Preferably french-style (without strings!), for best taste. A can might cost 50 cents, fills up an entire bowl, and a serving size only has *20 calories*.

So next time you get that empty feeling in your stomach, instead of reaching for a bag of chips, do the following:
1. Grab a can of french-style green beans, open it, and pour it into a bowl.
2. Microwave for 90 seconds.
3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
4. Munch.

Do you realize that your body would have to process over 50 cups of green beans in a day before you reached the recommended daily average of 2000 calories? Trust me, you’re not gonna gain weight with this stomach-filling snack, and you’ll be getting some of your daily veggies while you’re at it.

The down side is all the sodium…