Power Supply

My new Nvidia 6800 GT video card came in the other day and it turned out that my 580 watt power supply wasn’t enough (even with the second 250 watt power supply taking up slack). I couldn’t believe it. I had to completely reconfigure the power layout of my computer case so that my 2 DVD burners, 5 hard drives, and various fans would run without problems. Now my 580 watt is powering the video card, mother board, fans, 2 DVD drives, and my primary hard drive, while my 250 is powering the remaining 4 hard drives.

I had to completely re-organize the way the drives were hooked up and everything, too (master/slave, what’s what and where, etc.)

Now, for basic use, I turn on my computer via it’s main power button and it will load up just the bare necessities.

But if I want to have tons of drive space or access the files on said drives, I flip the switch on the second power supply as well.

“wah hah hahaha” *satisfied grin*

On a side note, I was extremely disappointed with the Nvidia 6800 GT at first. All the tech demos and 3D tests I ran were getting horrible frame rates. I couldn’t even run the 3D demos from nvidia’s own web site that were made specifically for this card! I was fixing to box the thing up and send it back when I ran across a hidden setting in the display control panel.

Under “Performance & Quality Settings”, there’s an option for “Multi-Display Performance Mode”. When I saw this I realized what must be happening: My card was cutting my performance in half due to the fact that I have two computer monitors hooked up.
So I set it to “Single Display Performance” (who really runs 3D games across two monitors anyways??) and *tada!*

Problem solved.

Now I’m getting amazing framerates in everything I play.
Unreal Tournament(1280×1024 high quality mode with 4x antialiasing and 8x antistropic filtering): 120 fps
Doom 3(1280×1024 high quality mode with 4x antialiasing and 8x antistropic filtering): 60 fps

All right!

Too bad I don’t hardly ever even play computer games these days. Hmm… what was I thinking anyways?

14 thoughts on “Power Supply”

  1. Sounds like Greek to me! LOL :)

    I love you!


    P.S. By the way, where did you get that picture? Did you take it yourself…or did you get it from somewhere? Cute Bunny….

  2. well.. I bunny-napped a wabbit from the pet store, stuck a roll of toilet paper on his ears, snapped the picture and then returned him back to the store completely without anyone noticing.

  3. No I’m still holding it for you.
    I just bought the new one on my credit card, so I’m counting on you man!

  4. You know what’s weird? I’ve showed my rabbit picture to everyone at my office and not a single person got it. They’re all like, “I don’t get it. It’s a rabbit with a roll of toilet paper on it’s head. What’s so funny about that?”

    Nobody has my sense of humor I guess.

  5. Can you explain to me why you find it funny? I am amused, but not sure if it’s for the same reason…. :)

    *hugs for my bubba*

  6. Three reasons:
    1. I think small animals such as rabbits and squirrels are funny little critters in general, in the first place.
    2. This rabbit has a roll of toilet paper on it’s head.
    3. This amuses me because it conjures up images in my imagination of things like a rabbit who gets up every morning, sticks a roll of toilet paper on his head as a turban, and goes off to work. Or maybe just of having a pet bunny rabbit who hops around my house all the time and whenever I need toilet paper I just call him over.

  7. Oh my!! LOL!

    I vote for #3. That *would* be awesome to have a rabbit who would bring me toilet paper whenever needed. heheh

  8. Hee hee hee! Tommy, you are an utter, absolute, nut! (Oh, brother, “What was I thinking?”) Ha ha ha ha! Your bunny is hilarious, too!

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