Lifetime Memory Snippet Linkage

Take any memory in your mind. Doesn’t matter which one. Simply take it and think about it and let your mind wander. Re-live the memory. Where does your mind take you next?

Pull up a scene from your childhood. That time you played hide and seek with your friends. Who were your friends? Can you remember anything about those people? Where do those memories take you next? How did you feel in that memory? Hurt? Angry? Happy? Let one memory lead to the next. They don’t have to be big memories or have any significance whatsoever in the great scheme of things. A memory of your toy fire truck may link into an untapped memory of the time you saw a building on fire. That building on fire may remind you of the time you went camping with your grandfather and he had you build the campfire.

Now, get a pencil and a notepad or open a Word document or something so you can quickly write/type out “thought snippets” as they flow through your mind.

Write in short phrases, one line at a time. You will find that you can fill up pages and pages really quickly.

toy fire truck
building on fire
camping with grandpa
christmas at grandparents
candy canes
santa claus in mall
sitting on lap

Don’t worry about writing this list so that it means anything to anyone other than yourself. The idea is that you will be able to pull it up later on and when you read it, it will re-trigger those memories. Over time, you can constantly add onto it. Every time you open your memory snippet document and re-read it, you will remember more details and new memory trails will appear. Just keep adding on to the list.

I’ve found that memories seem to lie passively in your brain and slowly fade from your consciousness over time from lack of recall. This technique will rejuvenate those memories, bringing back the color to your life.

My plan is to create a list like this and pull as many memory snippets out of my mind as I possibly can. Then I intend to create a computer program that will allow me to chronologically order the memory snippets, while still maintaining the linkages formed from typing the phrases out one by one. Then I will create a graphical interface that will allow me to link even more of the memories together.

The final goal is to be able to navigate my memory snippets in a chronological interface and see how my own mind links them across time.

I will essentially have the entire structure for an auto-biography.

What do you all think?