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Who Is Thomas H. Chapin IV?

Thomas Chapin, Tommy Chapin, “T4″… These are some of the names I am known by, although most of my friends just refer to me as Tom Chapin (my preferred moniker).

I am a web designer, programmer, and gadget lover. If it’s electronic and does something cool, chances are high that I’ll either want it, or have already gone and spent all of my spare money on it.

Some of my web design/programming specialties are: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Node JS, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. I have also dabbled around with tons of other things over the years, such as Linux Shell Scripts, Greasemonkey Scripts, and more…

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  • Hi Tom, thanks for your Reddit cakeday search site, I use it and refer fellow Redditors to it often. It’s sweet that you haven’t, but you should put a little ad on it to help cover your costs, you could get whole dollars a day maybe! My husband wrote, hosts, and supports a similarly helpful Instagram complimentary site and recently finally bit the bullet and added a couple of small ads and now gets a kick out of seeing his tiny little pile of money add up each day. 🙂 Anyway, thanks again. Your site is a useful little gift to your fellow Redditors, like me.

  • Yeah I use your cakeday thing too. It’s neat and simple. Glad it’s a thing.

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